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Pretty Little Liars

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# Эпизод Количество субтитры
7x20 'Til Death Do Us Part 2 en   ro 
7x19 Farewell, My Lovely 2 en   ro 
7x18 Choose or Lose 2 en   ro 
7x17 Driving Miss Crazy 2 en   ro 
7x16 The Glove That Rocks the Cradle 2 en   ro 
7x15 In the Eye Abides the Heart 2 en   ro 
7x14 Power Play 2 en   ro 
7x13 Hold Your Piece 2 en   ro 
7x12 These Boots Were Made for Stalking 2 en   ro 
7x11 Playtime 2 en   ro 
7x10 The Darkest Knight 2 en   ro 
7x09 The Wrath of Kahn 2 en   ro 
7x08 Exes and OMGs 3 en es  ro 
7x07 Original G'A'ngsters 3 en es  ro 
7x06 Wanted: Dead or Alive 2 en   ro 
7x05 Along Comes Mary 2 en   ro 
7x04 Hit and Run, Run, Run 3 en  pt ro 
7x03 The Talented Mr. Rollins 3 en  pt ro 
7x02 Bedlam 3 en  pt ro 
7x01 Tick Tock, Bitches 3 en  pt ro 
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